Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair my Sunroof?2021-02-09T16:34:51+08:00

We can repair most Sunroofs. Webasto make sunroofs for almost all makes, so give us a call and tell us what the problem is; leaking, jamming or just won’t work!

What can I apply to the rubber seal to protect it?2021-02-08T11:17:09+08:00

Modern sunroof seals may be made of SILICONE, SANTOPRENE or EPDM Rubber. All these materials are made to be maintenance free. Your best approach is to keep the seal clean, wiping occasionally with a damp cloth (water). If it gets really dirty, use a small amount of mild soap or detergent in the water, then rinse clean with water. Vinyl & Rubber “protectants” such as Armor-All are not effective and leave a sticky residue that may cause the seal to fail or stick to the glass. NEVER use ANY petroleum-based products on a sunroof seal, as they will cause corrosion of the seal. We recommend changing seals every 5 Years.

Can I replace my factory metal sunroof with a glass one?2021-02-08T11:19:02+08:00

Replacing a metal panel factory sunroof with a glass one is no longer an option. In the early 1980’s there were several companies offering aftermarket glass panels for specific factory sunroofs including Porsche, Mazda RX7 and Honda CRX. These companies no longer exist, and their inventories are long gone… sorry!

My BMW E36 has stopped tilting2021-02-08T11:19:30+08:00

This is due to the tilt mechanism wearing out, this is also due to lack of Servicing. These parts can be replaced & the sunroof serviced at the same time so it’s working like New Again.

My BMW E46 sunshade has jammed2021-02-08T11:20:02+08:00

This is due to dirt in the tracks jamming the Sunshade bracket at the rear L/hand side, this then gets bent and will not move, this then affect the operation of the Glass Panel and will do More damage if no Fixed. This part is not replaceable from BMW but is a Webasto part and we can fix this by modification to the sliding part.

My Subaru Forrester sunroof will not close2021-02-08T11:20:41+08:00

This is due to the cable locating parts (made of plastic) breaking, which controls the lifting & closing of the glass panel. Only a few parts can be replaced, we would need to remove sunroof to see if this can be done.

My BMW X5, X3 & X1 panoramic sunroof has jammed open2021-02-09T16:33:30+08:00

This has become a common problem with the X5 and X3 which use the same Sunroof. The rails are covered in plastic to aid smooth operation but sand and other dirt get onto the runners and they break up. Without regular maintenance this is happening to 2004-2009 models. the Good news is we can replace all the worn parts with New cables & Runners for a lot less than the Dealers which can charge up to $9,000 or more to replace the whole thing. So if your Sunroof is not closing normally, the Rear Glass Rear panel is still open after the roof should have closed, this can be modified at a much cheaper option, Front can also suffer with the same problem. The Sunshade can also be a sign that the cables are in need of replacing.

My Holden has a factory fitted sunroof, that is a problem2021-02-09T16:34:02+08:00

Webasto have Supplied Holden & Ford for over 20 Years with all there Sunroofs, up to the VE all Sunroofs were fitted aftermarket in Holdens and now a Bolt in Webasto Sunroofs is Fitted. Which ever type you have we can Fix it, we have all the parts in stock from a New Glass panel or track bits we have them, Were The Sunroof Experts that even the Dealers use for their own Holden fitted Sunroofs. Give us a call or call in, a lot of the time its a simple fix that has been giving problem for months.

I have a Holden Monaro CV8Z with wind noise from my sunroof2021-02-08T11:22:38+08:00

The Monaro’s and mostly the last CV8Z,s with a HSV & HBD Fitted Webasto Sunroof appear to have an opening which is out side of specifications. This is due to lack of preparation of the kits & not using the correct lockin bar which keeps the opening from spreading while being installed. we can measure the opening and determine the best way to fix this. 1: Fit new oversize glass seal. 2: Replace outter trimring. 3: Reinstall Sunroof. 4:All of the above. Dont put up with the noise call in for a Free quote.

Rust on my glass sunroof frame2021-02-08T11:23:09+08:00

The seals around the Glass panel have a life of around 5 years, if they are worn, water can get between the Glass & Frame and the result is Rust. This can weaken the bond between the Glass & Frame. If you have wind noise that is getting worse you should have your Sunroof Checked, the Glass Panel can become loose & fly off. We can replace seals & Glass Panels on Webasto-Hollandia Sunroofs Free of charge up to 10 Years old. Whether Fitted by us or not. Please Call with your Vehicle Details & serial Number of your Sunroof this can be found below the Wind deflector on the frame front edge.

My 2006 Mitsubishi Outlander sunroof has a problem, the sunroof is sticking and making a noise when trying to close and is stuck open2021-02-08T11:24:19+08:00

The motor gear & cables wear on one side, we can turn the gear over to save buying a New Motor adjust cables and it works like new again without buying expensive New Mitusbishi Parts.

Do I need to get my sunroof serviced?2021-02-08T11:24:44+08:00

We recommend a Service once a Year but if you drive in the city and Garaged every night then you could get away with every 2 years, it seems that wherever you live or go in WA Sand get into your Sunroof, leaves & Gum Nuts also cause problems if they are not cleaned out & Flushed.
The Design of All Sunroofs is for the Glass seal to be flush with Sunroof & Roof reduce wind noise but allow water to enter the Sunroof water management system, an internal gutter system to carry away any water to the corners & Down Drain Tubes into the Pillars and into the lower Sills and to drain away safely out of the Vehicle.
Just like your House the Gutters need Checking to make sure they are clear & working as they Should, you wouldn’t wait untill it rains to find out if they are blocked and Your Sunroof is no different…..is your’s working OK ?

What about water leaks?2021-02-08T11:25:06+08:00

Because our Sunroofs are so Reliable we now give a Lifetime Warranty for Leaks to Give our New Customers peace of mind, our old Customers will already know this is the case anyway.

Do you carry sunroof spare parts?2021-02-08T11:25:34+08:00

Yes we carry many parts in stock, especially for Holden & Ford. We also carry a lot of Parts for the VW Tiguan, Passat, BMW X3 & X5 & BMW 535GT, other cars in stock Are Toyota Prado.

Parts includes: Glass, cables, Mechanisms, switches & Expert Advice………….

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