We recommend a Service once a Year but if you drive in the city and Garaged every night then you could get away with every 2 years, it seems that wherever you live or go in WA Sand get into your Sunroof, leaves & Gum Nuts also cause problems if they are not cleaned out & Flushed.
The Design of All Sunroofs is for the Glass seal to be flush with Sunroof & Roof reduce wind noise but allow water to enter the Sunroof water management system, an internal gutter system to carry away any water to the corners & Down Drain Tubes into the Pillars and into the lower Sills and to drain away safely out of the Vehicle.
Just like your House the Gutters need Checking to make sure they are clear & working as they Should, you wouldn’t wait untill it rains to find out if they are blocked and Your Sunroof is no different…..is your’s working OK ?